Connecting Component AM Receiver to Loop Antenna

Am antenna hook up

For maximum reception, stretch the antenna wire out perpendicular to the station you want to listen to. It would be tedious indeed to untwist it. Email required Address never made public.

Connecting an AM or FM antenna

Hula Hoop Loop -- antenna special on

Personally I have not noticed any disadvantages by using metal. An external ground connector is available for outdoor installations. Plug in the lead from the coupling loop to your receiver.

Thus the Hula Loop was born. Will not wrap up or crimp. We are happy to assist further. Hi Morris, one old trick is to run a long peice of wire out the window and raise it at the far end, like in a tree or other support. The coupling loop is a single complete turn and is what will connect to your receiver.

The tuning capacitor is what brings the loop alive. Cord will not tangle, and is made out of soft flexible rubber. Loop antennas can work on other frequencies also but need some modification because of the frequency property differences.

It is very small in diameter but pretty strong. Fifty feet would be oodles. The extra capacitors are added in parallel, which increases capacitance, thereby lowering the resonant frequency of the loop.

The only problem with remote mounting is that the antenna is highly directional. Start typing and press Enter to search. Slowly feed the loop through your hand while keeping the wire fairly tight and wind on to the loop. For simplicity sake, they are just handy to use clipped onto the actual copper wire after baring the plastic on the wire vs.

The hard way is to buy bare antenna wire with a couple of insulators for either end and mount that. Inside that loop is a single loop of wire that couples the antenna to the receiver inductively. The down lead is connected to the other wire of the lamp cord.

  1. You can mount the wire at any height, but consider eight feet for safety.
  2. The output from the amplifier would then connect to your receiver.
  3. It is possible to use almost any type of variable capacitor, but my preference is for the old style air spaced variables that were found in older radios.

Do I need to put in other components? It doesn't work that well. Single strand or multi-strand is fine as long as it is insulated and not shielded. These antennas generally plug into two connections on the back of the receiver or Table-Top radios.


Connecting external AM and FM antennas

Making Connections with Terk Advantage Indoor AM Antenna

As always, we value your opinion and encourage questions. But without an external antenna, the station isn't usually all that far away. Repeat on the opposite side. Now as far as mounting the variable cap, you want it as close to the loop as posible, and you want that loop as close to what you as coupling it to. When the long wire is used, you should then find a ground point and connect this tab back.

One of the great things about this antenna is the possibilities available by selective tuning, loop adjustment and radio dialing. You do this by creating a smaller loop that has a feed line to your radio. This is how the loop antenna produces gain.

It has very good nulls and exceptional gain. Would there be anything different that I need to do that would be beneficial? The video and the intention I had in directing you to it was to show some very clever solution to a problem in hand.

An ideal size would be a piece of either doorbell or telephone wire - just one conductor. One day, the battery gave up, and I had spent my last dollar on a pack of ciggerets. Any soil, even if dry is better than nothing.

The twists are there to help reject interference such as radio, which is the point of an antenna. The windings were made from multi strand hook up wire single strand could be used. The family that made it retired and stopped making them. And if you are really motivated, clean up your algebra book, and calculate the resulting C that you get! For this question, I need to refer you to your local Electrical contractor for advice.

Sturdy housing and right-angle shaft, sits at the perfect angle to not cause tension. Sometimes the inductance is even marked on the loop. Tape it to the wall, or to a piece of cardboard propped against the wall. There's an am radio station that I sometimes pickup badly late at night. When I was in college, I worked in a retail electronics store.

The first thing you do is to connect one end of the wire strip the insulation off to some type of ground. Our antenna did not work on the pipe we used until we sanded the rust away on a small section under the clamp. The wire doesn't have to be very large in diameter. Feel free to call if you have more questions.

C Crane Twin Coil AM Antenna

Connecting an AM or FM antenna

Stranded would be more flexible vs. The ground stake can be driven into a convenient and safe place nearby. Run the wire to where you want your radio to be situated and make a coil of six turns, free casual about the diameter of a saucer. Use a small self tapping screw and gently screw through the inner of the plastic frame and into the end of the bamboo cane.

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  • And even without a rotor you will still get greatly improved reception and you may find one position that works perfectly for you.
  • It only has to have one contact since the radio waves are basically static.
  • Are you using copper or steel grounding steaks?
  • One of the big benefits of the Twin Coil antenna is that it can be positioned and rotated independently from the radio.
  • It has helped each of them amazingly.

Do you really think using aluminum foil and alligator clips are a long term solution? In regards to any electrical advice, I need to refer you to your local Electrical contractor for advice since the ground rod is touching the panel. What about lightning protection?

If so, how much affect can it have? This would be the more simple solution. Slightly moist soil is better. See you in about two weeks. The two free ends of the coupling loop should be connected to a length of feeder terminated in a plug suitable for your receivers antenna socket.

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Secure into a round shape with ties or tape. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. You will have to inductively couple your radio. We're here to help but meet us half way. This also allows me to position the loop at a convenient height so the controls are within easy reach.

Why the other two that you have did not work at all seems to be a mystery. Attaching The Tuning Capacitor Network. What a difference, now it gets dozens.

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