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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After attempting to explain himself, Rath decides to transform back into his true form, Ben Tennyson. Characters aliens villains. Ben says he knows where it's going and then suggests that they are dealing with a parallel universe issue. But a certain nanite monster busted my watch!

Kim Possible - A Sitch in Time. Ben Tennyson falls through a wormhole and encounters Rex. Ben offers help but is denied, and escapes into the night as Big Chill.

Ben 10/Generator Rex Heroes United

Rex, White Knight, and Ben arrive, only to find themselves against the nearly invincible Alpha, which begins to attack to take control of Rex's Omega Nanite. Probably one of my favorite crossovers.

What suppose to happen now? Ben I'm not talking about a Nanite here. Ben is shocked to learn that no one knows about him. Providence appears on the scene to stop the rift, but are unable to do anything before Rex arrives with Six and Bobo. My most powerful builds came from the Omega nanite.

That thing was made to control machines. You build stuff, I make it better. Ultimate Alien and it being written by Man of Action, the creator of both shows. Miscellaneous Cartoon Network Images.

Feel like giving me a hand? As Alpha was being condensed, Caesar appears and extracts the Omega Nanite. Os inside for their nanites. And I thought Providence was a dumb name! If this is the Bug Jar - where are the bugs?

This article is about the crossover. Danny Phantom - Action Jack. White Knight points out that part of it got away and that they were now searching for it. If you are in troubles active the special attack! Ben transforms into Cannonbolt and saves Rex, to which the latter complains of the smell.

Play alone or with a friend. The hero's battle then winds up on the Brooklyn Bridge after Rex lands a well-placed punch. Alpha then attacks Providence in order to absorb the E. Upgrade changes his body into a suit Whoa. Ben however comes up with a plan, and transforms into Upgrade and merges with Rex.

Rex then literally gets the drop on Rath and once again attempts to cure him of his nanites, only for it not to work again. What happens when the best you can do just isn't enough.

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Caesar escapes via the escape pod, leaving behind the two heroes. In the epilogue, Rex is overjoyed that Six has recovered, and wonders if he'll ever see Ben again. You can do some combos and you can transform in alien too. Caesar explains that the damaged ray gun was to stop Alpha, who then attacks and destroys his research pod. Changing back to human form, Ben is shocked that no one has heard of him despite being a celebrity.

Ben 10-Generator Rex Heroes United

Then, Six appears with the creature, which self-destructs and renders him comatose, leaving Rex mortified and angered at Ben. Ben as Diamondhead knocks Alpha away from Caesar and manages to force Alpha to leave. Whoa, what do you call that? Rex attempts to cure Diamondhead but to no avail, which surprises Rex. It already tried to eat me - that didn't work.

Bubble Guppies - Halloween Party. Holiday doubts this assumption, stating that parallel universe is just a theory to which Ben replies that he has traveled to many of them. Edit Storyline Ben Tennyson falls through a wormhole and encounters Rex. You and your partners are gonna call it quits right now, and I'll keep the pounderizing to a minimum. The Wolverine - Tokyo Infiltration.

Teen Titans - Titanic Ambush. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Meanwhile, Six engages the creature and manages to cut a piece of it off, and when Holiday's scans give insufficient data, is given to Rex's older brother, Caesar. Finally, in the depths of the Null Void, Alpha begins to stir within its prison of matter, causing it to glow and crack apart. Cars - Interactive Poster.

Ben, however, comes up with a plan, and transforms into Upgrade and merges with Rex, After a couple seconds, the duo then take on the Alpha-Omega, to which they hold their own for a short while. Audible Download Audio Books. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Caesar injects the Omega Nanite into Rex, as Alpha, now in the Null Void, begins to stir within its prison of matter, meaning it is not over yet. Was this review helpful to you?

It aired as an episode of Generator Rex. Ultimate Alien and Generator Rex episode. Ultimate Alien and Generator Rex. You might have been looking for Heroes United Online Game. Play Free Games with your favourite heroes.

Ben 10 And Generator Rex Heroes United - HEROPLAY - Play Online Hero GamesBen 10/Generator Rex Heroes United

This is how you do a crossover. The story begins with a mysterious rift opening in the skies above New York City, attracting the attention of Providence. Upgrade goes inside Rex's body Whoa, okay, that feels weird. This article belongs to Rex's Universe within the Classic Continuity.

Transforming all the lifeforms like nothing you've ever seen. As the now nearly unstoppable Alpha-Omega rampages, Rex has doubts about himself now that most of his builds are gone.

The two heroes must unite against a foe that can absorb their powers. Heroes United and it's named as Hero Times Two. Ben and Rex eventually manage to drive Alpha off, endhiran wallpapers and then slowly bond after sharing their origins during a small game of hoops. Rex make a Boogie Pack and goes flying Woohoo! Rex then uses his ability to begin to dense the nanite cloud into a ball.

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And that's how I could build stuff with the micro machines in my body! Now Kevin, Gwen, and I are the Plumbers! Cartoon Network has been going downhill with their new shows and that crossover with ppg and ttg. Sponge Bob - Pyramid Peril. Rex returns to base, one last time, to find himself with a revived Agent Six.

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Ben surmises it must have been the Null Void where it wound up, and that Alpha must have possessed alien life to sustain itself. Monster High - Drivers Dread. The Alpha Nanite then begs Caesar to help him stabilize a new body to which Caesar refuses.