Therefore, to really evaluate how well BoingVert performs, we have to look at each of the two programs separately. To determine if BoingVert is legit we investigated the clinically supported research that the program is developed on and are happy to say that it checks out. Both programs offer very similar prescription of exercises and potential results.

BoingVert Pricing Overview. You can also directly access BoingVert support through the app. There is some great advice in the BoingVert manual that can really help develop vertical jump mastery. Baggett made a name for himself by writing the now legendary Vertical Jump Bible book. However, quran recitation by sudais the program is by no means a finished product.

BoingVert Review Why the Program Will NOT Work for Most AthletesBoingVert Review - Can It REALLY help YOU jump way higher

However, you should never judge a book by it's cover, so I had to get my hands on a copy of BoingVert to take a closer inspection. The second phase starts to build on some basic weight room exercises and develop a foundation of strength which will be the basis of your next level vertical ability gains. We will also show you inside the paid members area of BoingVert as we break down all components of the program individually. The exercise demos are also great. The exercises are explained in an easy to follow manner and descriptions are short and succinct.

BoingVert is much cheaper than most of the other vertical jump programs. However the lack of compelling and engaging features holds this program back from been able to compete with programs such as The Jump Manual.

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In the fifth phase, the program develops reactive strength, which is basically your ability to start, stop, and change direction while jumping. When you purchase BoingVert lifetime you get full membership to basketball brain. This can be particularly valuable for athletes who would like to specifically increase their vertical jump in the pre or post season. Vert Shock now offers an add-on strength training component that we believe supersedes that of BoingVert.

Although the program is promoted as a science based program we wouldnt say that BoingVert is good at referencing as we would expect from a scientific based program. Basically the Philosophy pdf justifies the principles used in the log.

Monster does a great job of prescribing a systematic and progressively overloaded jump training regime. Your legs will constantly be tired from all the weight training, and your athletic ability will suffer. In the third phase, once you have become comfortable with strength training exercises, you will begin combining strength movements with plyometric movements. Basically this is an online sports psychology program that can help you get your mind right for basketball success.

BoingVert Monster is essentially a strength and power training program that requires lifting of heavy weights. Monster includes a range of helpful and well demonstrated exercise videos. The developers of BoingVert claim that their exercises are unique however we found that most of the effective vertical jump exercises are also found in many of the leading jump programs.

There are literally dozens upon dozens of different exercises, all categorized by muscle group and function. As mentioned before, Shawn Myszka is a renowned trainer and jump training specialist. But while all of this sounds good in theory, and you can actually get a ton of benefits from doing this program, the workouts themselves are a bit unfocused.

As said before, in order to realize the full potential of the program, you will have to spend more than half a year rigorously training. Both of these programs creators are very transparent in their approach to marketing of the program. As I said before, there are simply too many exercises in the program.

Is BoingVert Legit and Can It Help You Jump Higher

BoingVert Review - Can It REALLY help YOU jump way higher

Welcome to My BlogBoingVert Review Can BoingVert Really Help Boost Your Jump Height

BoingVert Review Why the Program Will NOT Work for Most Athletes

However, the program itself is legit, and if you follow its instructions, you will definitely see some results over time. The problem is combining the two programs makes it super difficult to follow due to a massive disconnect between the two. Summary BoingVert is one of the most challenging vertical jump training programs on the market.

BoingVert Review Can BoingVert Really Help Boost Your Jump Height

This will be the most intense phase of the Monster Program, but it will also be the most rewarding one. BoingVert monster incorporates science based training principles in an effective manner.

At the end of the day these exercises can be found all over the internet. These are areas that are often neglected by other programs, so it sounds very promising, to say the least. You will learn things like emotional control and how to develop supreme confidence. So while BoingVert can be effective and the information in it is solid, you might be better off going with a more refined program such as Jump Manual or the easy to use and shorter Vert Shock. One of the best value for money all-in-one system is the Jump Manual.

The fact that the program uses so many exercises means that the author has not yet refined it into a polished jump training methodology. If you are after a program that does a great job of incorporating both weightlifting and plyometrics with the latest vertical jump training techniques then definitely take a look at Vert Shock.