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They should continue it somehow. When seen from Bosch's point of view it appears that there is something in the suspect's hand that falls in a puddle. But it's got a great big bite to it, with never a dull moment or badly shot scene.

Motion Picture Sound Editors Awards. As the odds stack up against Kane, he will be forced to reveal the unthinkable to stay on top. Chief Irving, meanwhile, ponders a serious bid to enlist him as a mayoral candidate. The story line involves an old murder conviction, from a case Bosch worked, being brought into question and possibly affecting other past convictions and endangering his career.

Boss rarely takes its foot off the accelerator and the filming style, with frequent lingering closeups of eyes or lips, magnifies the intensity. Boss is electric with self-importance, and that is in itself is a hoot, is the music app legal given its particular combination of thematic pomp and expressionistic pulp. Boss is an American political drama television serial created by Farhad Safinia. Bosch is an American police procedural web television series produced by Amazon Studios and Fabrik Entertainment.

We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Miller gives a tough team talk to his editorial staff, Kitty faces up to a difficult decision, and an incarcerated Emma finds her world starting to crumble. Kane and his camp take on the media when long-buried information is dug up, and with the primary rapidly approaching, the politicos do everything they can to maintain the upper hand.

Best New Media Television Series. American drama television series. In Kane's absence, his wife, Meredith, steps in the mayoral role.

As Chicago burns, Kane secretly seeks treatment at an alternative clinic where his past haunts him. Now Kane looks to the future, setting his sights on reviving a subsidized housing project. However, Elias reneges on the assumed deal-in-place for reasons unknown, prior to his murder. As Kane finds himself starting to lose control, in both his personal and professional lives, his supporters begin to question their confidence in him. Does Kane have a plan in his back pocket or will be go down with his city?

With a new, powerful entry in the race, Kane and his people flex their political muscles to maintain their hold. Kane finds himself starting to lose control, both politically and personally, as his supporters begin to question their confidence in him. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Just days away from the election, Kane slowly regains control over City Hall.

Meanwhile, a worried Meredith suspects her husband is keeping something from her. The plot lines are labyrinthine without ever becoming lost. Chicago portal Television portal. As the pilot opens, Bosch is tailing a suspect.

Please bring the show back. Kitty O'Neil crushes Zajac's campaign just as he is on upswing. Connie Nielsen as Meredith Kane. State Treasurer Ben Zajac Jeff Hephner is too busy cultivating his political ambitions to become the next Governor of Illinois to notice anything out of the ordinary. But unbeknownst to Kane, Kitty is the true threat as she decides where her loyalties lie.

At an emotional impasse, Kitty makes a bold move, while Meredith, increasingly suspect of Kane's behaviour, seeks opportunities of her own. Meredith is increasingly suspicious of Kane's behaviour and seeks new opportunities of her own. It was arguably realistic. The supporting cast is excellent.

Though a swift political move will help identify his adversaries, will doing the unthinkable improve his public image in time? Kane uses a tragedy in his personal life to further his political agenda and ultimately win control over the housing authority. And it's about as depressing to watch as a show can get.

Mortality, corruption and politics have come packaged together for ages, however the way Boss uses conventional ideas of gender as a vessel for these negative traits is compelling. And the old Mayor coming free of his comma to cause problems for both Kane and the heir apparent. Suddenly a single father, Bosch also gains a vital clue into his own mother's murder, after the combative long-retired detective of his mother's case is killed.

With the primary just around the corner, they have to pull out all the stops to contain the situation and keep the upper hand. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Kane tries to reconnect with his wife, Meredith, and daughter, Emma, but his attempts at harmonious family are disastrous. An exceptionally well-crafted show.

When he is on the screen he dominates it. Jonathan Groff as Ian Todd. If only the characters smiled now and then.

The pilot premiered on Amazon Prime in February to allow customers to vote to decide if more episodes should be made. Concurrently, Bosch is monitoring an ongoing criminal trial, involving a powerful Hollywood movie mogul who is under house-arrest. Travanti as Gerald McGantry. Concurrently, Bosch and Jerry try to expose an opioid ring implicated in the murder of a struggling pharmacist and his compromised son. Kane must remedy his public perception even if it means making an old friend collateral damage.

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Kane's moves with the housing project escalate from a state of unrest to rioting and looting. Critics Choice Television Awards. Though a swift political move will help reveal his adversaries, will doing the unthinkable improve his public image in time?

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As Zajac's campaign gains momentum, Kane has problems adjusting to his new medical reality. Plays out at on an operatic level that would satisfy all but the most bloodthirsty fans of The Sopranos. Either way it works brilliantly. Meanwhile, Emma's world is rocked, and Meredith takes great measures to prove her loyalty to her husband. How many episodes of Boss have you seen?

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Sanaa Lathan as Mona Fredricks. As Kane's mental faculties deteriorate to a new low, Sentinel editor, Sam Miller, is about to break a story that will destroy him. He investigates the murder of a Hollywood producer who appears to have mob connections.