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The contestant could try to solve the rebus by making one guess or choose two more numbers. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. In some computer versions, the cards may randomly move to increase the difficulty. Also included were two or three joke or gag prizes such as a banana peel or a tattered sock. Your username is permanent and yours forever.

Occasionally, a game could not be completed due to time constraints. The bonus round was played during the fourth segment of the show. Embed this game icon to create a link on your website, blog, or MySpace page.

The rebus was in full color on a sky blue background. Crack an egg on your head. Tap them on the back with your fist, then run your hands down their back Stab a knife in your back.

One at a time, the contestants called out two numbers. The winnings were kept at a low amount on purpose to avoid any suggestion that it was also tainted.

One asks the time the other looks at his watch. Play them online anytime with no restrictions. If your review isn't R-rated, it will be posted shortly. Play this game on your own website! No chorus or rope or anything.

The first contestant to buzz-in with a correct solution won the game. Contestants now called a third number in the first game if the first two picks did not match later changed to having a third pick in both games.

You look right, left, up and down, but no one was there. Free Online Games and More Shockwave is the ultimate destination to play games. Stick ten needles in your sides. It was also permissible to pass on one's turn.

Scorpions crawling up your back, They pinch you, they pinch you! More importantly, a match also revealed two pieces of the rebus, which identified a person, phrase, place, thing, title, etc. Match prizes behind the numbered panels to win them. These postcards were placed in a rotary drum and Clayton would draw a card and read the name. Additional packs can be used for added interest.

Stab a knife in your back. Shockwave is the ultimate destination to play games.

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Tap the person on the top of their head with your fist and run your hands down both sides of their head Crack an egg on your head. Many prize, Forfeit, Take, and Wild Card spaces had actually come from New York with the original board and were reverse-printed white lettering on a black background. This usually happened during the course of a game if a contestant called out a prize card that had been orphaned as the result of a wild card match see below.

Each square was composed of a trilon that concealed a piece of the rebus, and either the name of a prize, or a special square. We'll email you a temporary password.


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Have you tried the full version of Concentration? The book also showcased a lengthy Concentration history and an introduction by executive producer Mark Goodson. Concentration is not limited to playing cards.

Doing so won a prize, which for the first four seasons was a new car. It was produced as a daily series but at the time, many game shows aired once per week in syndication and some stations airing Concentration aired it in this manner as well. There was no bonus round in the original version of the show.

Hey guys how about if you do this? My friends and I used to play this, except there was only one verse before the one where you push the person. She got white and I got white and grey. If incorrect, the contestant was locked out and the rest of the puzzle was revealed for the opponent to receive a free guess. If this card matches one of the known cards, the match is next chosen.

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Concentration (card game)

Playing these games trains brain skills like focus, concentration, and attention span. The winner of each game was tasked with solving two rebuses within ten seconds. Then you tell them to open their eyes and ask them what color they saw. You can also find games using the Games menu bar above or the game search box at right. After the audience and the viewers were shown the solution to the first rebus, the puzzle was shown to the contestant.

Play would resume at the start of the following episode with the board reset to the point where time was called. To play Concentrate, you only need two people. But it was more like one of those pinch punch first the month things. Shockwave adds games frequently so there are always new games available. Alex Trebek who concurrently was also hosting Jeopardy!

He simplified the rebus form for television, allowing only plus symbols, and subsequently devised all of the puzzles seen on the original series. If time permitted, a third game was played. The object of the game is to find out how you are going to die.

Early in the show's run, a contestant could win the game and play the bonus round up to five times before being retired. The color they see when they open their eyes represents how they will die. Occasionally, a game ended with only two prize cards left on the board, which because of the wild cards often did not match. Jack Narz was host, logo design studio templates with Johnny Olson serving as announcer.

The rebus form is centuries old and has been used in various forms. After doing so, refresh the page. The contestants were grouped into five matches, each consisting of two games. If there was time left in the show for another round but not enough time to play the third game with the money amounts described above, a third Double Play round was played. My cousin got brown and my friend got blue while my teacher got green.

Concentration (game show)