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Disadvantages of early release of superannuation Accessing your superannuation early Accessing your superannuation early to pay bills is a short-term response to buy temporary financial protection. Before you do, get the full picture.

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Consolidate with us for less fees and easier management. Less accounts means less fees Compare the difference. What are some of the advantages? Back to top How to apply on the grounds of financial hardship You should apply directly to your superannuation fund for early release of funds on the grounds of severe financial hardship. It will advise you in writing of their decision on the release of your funds.

Just follow the instructions below and you'll be on your way to less fees and simpler super admin. To apply you should write to your superannuation fund, explain your circumstances and demonstrate that you meet the eligibility criteria. You will have reduced the superannuation funds available to you in retirement or for another incident of financial hardship. Superfund Partners provides all clients with access to qualified advisers who can guide you or we can work with your existing adviser.

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That means only a single set of fees, plus easier account management. And more than one account means more than one set of fees. The amount you can access early on compassionate grounds depends on the balance of your account and the specific bills or debts you wish to pay.

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By consolidating your super, william beckett dating you put all of it in one place and with one super fund. The short-term benefit of using your superannuation early needs to be weighed up against the longer term disadvantages of decreasing the funds that will be available to you in retirement. Where applicable you will also retain your Personal Superannuation Contributions through Salary Packaging. Funds released on compassionate grounds may be included in your taxable income.

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