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For the rest of us though, maybe not so much. You are basing your theory on way too much extraneous material from the books, from the scrapbooks, and from your own fertile imagination, and not using the poem.

The poem is too intimidating, french coaching class in bangalore dating too hard for them. Dating has never been this much fun and especially for singles looking for love.

The solution isn't going to be anywhere Fenn has ever written about. We lost all our upper management. Not to mention that a webcam is going to stick out and make people wonder what it is watching.

If someone finds the treasure and tries to liquidate it quietly by selling off the various bits and pieces, could they get away with it? That's where things sat for a while. Think about all the things that could possibly go wrong. If so, he may be the only person on Earth who really understands what he wrote.

It highlights an aspect of my thinking on the poem that seems to differ somewhat from many other people. The most important thing is that we had a lot of fun. Someone who isn't afraid of the limelight. What about the name Tampico? So, throwing caution and Fenn's advice to the wind, a friend and I went out searching in the mountains in winter.

We each have our own potential solutions, but decided to work together helping each other. People don't hide something they want to stay hidden then write whole chapters in books about the place where they hid it. But I also don't believe in posting just for the sake of posting. Here is a photo I took while out walking around in a park near my hotel. So if someone did actually find the treasure and not announce the find?

Since we know the treasure is somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, then yeah, it has to be more than miles west of Toledo. The poem clues, to me, seem much more likely to refer to geographic features.

Some might consider us the misfits or renegades of the chase. Well, songs seem to keep cropping up in the chase too. It is really about the bragging rights and the celebrity that will go along with finding it. So I took a closer look at it. It is certainly dead to me.

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Which end the correct one? The problem is that the batteries would likely have died years ago already.

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Rabbi Cohen calls the San Francisco Bay Area home but has spent enough of her life in diaspora to feel quite comfy on the east coast. You really didn't expect any different response than you would have gotten on the forum, did you? When I don't find it, I know it is far, far more likely because I failed, than because somebody else beat me to it. There is a very active group of Colorado Fenners.

It just means you aren't competing with me, and probably have no chance. We headed up into the mountains to check out some possibilities. But the longer the trip, the less improbable they become.

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But with Utah and Idaho eliminated, many people would discount out of hand a solution to the first few poem clues that led them to one of those two states. Do you see the difference?

How far away do we have to be from a dam for it not to be part of our solution? Was it that something about her crazy solution could be wrong? Fenn said a comprehensive knowledge of geography might help in solving his poem. Hasn't really worked out that way so far.

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What if he really means it when he says the poem is straight-forward? Many have several dams along their length. Everything in town was covered with a beautiful layer of snow. The prevailing opinion among searchers from day one has been that we need to understand Fenn to understand his poem.

Someone who understands that the bragging rights that come with being the one to solve the puzzle are the real prize, and could be parlayed into a far bigger fortune than the chest contains. The rest are more or less picked at random.

Also, stop by the articles to read about relationships, love and dating tips. Join our community and meet thousands of lonely hearts from various parts of Santa Fe. In fact, I just returned form a vacation trip to the fabled Rockies north of Santa Fe. It might just be an ugly circus.

This is interesting indeed, because my theories tend to put the treasure in either New Mexico or Colorado. And if you think that is finally the bottom of this particular rabbit hole, well think again. So what happens when I roll up the poem like this?

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