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Broadcasting Widespread engagement in spy mining, however, enables a bigger problem. But there is a bit of a loophole.

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And if the pool does notice the difference, it may not even care. Perhaps unsurprisingly, therefore, over half of all miners on the network by hash power currently engage in spy mining. The pool that has the block header hashes may not even notice the difference between real hashers, and the spy miners. Competing miners including competing mining pools can receive this block header hash from the mining pool as well. Amazingly, billar carambolas libres online dating this even means that mining pools can gain advantage by being sloppy.

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And as it turns out, there is indeed a way for miners to often get a block header hash before receiving an actual block. While a selfish miner hides a block, competitors may find a competing block. As such, spy miners have to place some trust in the mining pools they get the block header hashes from.

They simply need to connect to the pool, much like all the hashers. So if a pool finds a new block, it immediately sends the block header hash to all its hashers for them to mine on top of.

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The block header hash can only be generated using the block header of the previous block, which can in turn only be generated using all data in that block. While probably not ideal, risks to the Bitcoin network are limited.

This means that the total number of transactions throughput on the Bitcoin network is lower than it could be. Most of the network already accepts this block through the block header hash. This can potentially come in handy. As such, there is no longer a big risk of this block being rejected and discarded for a competing block.

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But instead of hashing for the pool, these miners then take the block header hash and mine on top of it for themselves.

And more than half of all hash power on the network is surely enough. It is not as well known that these solutions may not suffice on their own. This tactic can cause spy miners to waste their resources, in turn making the Bitcoin network less secure. If miners can get a block header hash before receiving an actual block, they can try and find a new block more quickly, which allows them to be more profitable.

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But hiding a new block is also risky. At least for some time, depending on the safeguards imposed by spy miners. This is where spy mining comes in. In short, selfish mining is a type of attack where miners find new blocks, but do not immediately broadcast these blocks to the network.

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