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The silent husband has an eloquence of his own. Gilcrest tells her she belongs with her husband and she encourages him to go after Ng. General Dixon is also incensed by Gilcrest's actions, threatening to prosecute him. He tells her that this was the first night he was truly happy to be living, and the two have sex.

The privatized space aspect of the drama is sketchy, but believable enough. Woody goes into the living room where Tracy is cleaning up. Bill Murray as Carson Welch, a billionaire intending to develop Hawaiian land.

Much of this resonates with the backstory of the Hawaiian culture and its haunting music and story-telling dance movements. Outside the hotel, Gilcrest finds Ng, who is preparing to leave. When they meet the king, Ng, who is part Hawaiian, bonds with him and his companions, identifying with their spiritual view of the land and sky. This is not a movie for those who want the obvious. The next morning, Tracy shows up at Gilcrest's hotel and reveals that Grace is his daughter.

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One of the general's men hands Gilcrest a thumb drive containing top secret information for the upcoming satellite launch. As he watches the satellite enter geosynchronous orbit, he realizes what he's done and its impact on Ng, whom he has come to love. There is much conveyed with tone and body language. During the party, Gilcrest becomes attracted to Ng, who is having fun dancing with Carson. She notices him, he nods at her and she suddenly realizes he is her father.

He tells her he loves her, is staying in Hawaii and will be waiting for her to return. At one point, Gilcrest and Tracy find themselves alone in the kitchen, where she admits that she loved him and had plans to make a life with him before he abandoned her thirteen years ago. Later she confronts Gilcrest in tears for lying to her and the Hawaiians. Believing Ng's continued association with him will ruin her promising career, he tells her they should not see each other again. But the scene in which the daughter discovers the truth about her real father is the most effective and demonstrates how much can be conveyed to another without words.

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Later that night, Gilcrest stands outside Grace's hula class and watches her dance. McAdams does a superb job of making it possible to believe she could go either way with a choice between a baffling husband or old love.

It forces the viewer to partake of a more subtle, more compassionate, version of human life and love.

The flirtation between Cooper and Stone is offbeat, quirky, sometimes hard to follow, and ultimately convincing. What makes it all work, however, profile captions for dating sites is the artfully directed communications between the characters. More than usual is asked of the audience to figure out what these two protagonists are thinking and saying.

All characters thoughtfully cast. He asks Gilcrest if he slept with Tracy while he was gone.

Gilcrest tells Woody he slept with Ng and not with his wife. Later that day, after the successful blessing of the new pedestrian gate, Gilcrest learns that the Chinese are attempting to hack the satellite's code to prevent the impending launch.

Woody comes home and sees Gilcrest in his house. Prime VideoVerified Purchase A disarming and surprising film. Gilcrest leaves the house while the happy family reunion continues. General Dixon soon learns that Gilcrest was telling the truth about the nuclear weapons payload and praises him for what he's done, revealing that authorities will soon be taking Carson into custody.

Woody tells Gilcrest he knows Gilcrest is Grace's father. Quickly, he orders a massive sonic upload to be sent to space, and he and Ng hold hands as they watch the satellite explode.

Along the way, Ng tries to engage Gilcrest in conversation about his life and work but is unable to break through his cynicism. The next day, Ng discovers that Carson's satellite will actually carry a nuclear payload.

Meanwhile, Woody and Tracy confront each other about recent tensions in their marriage, which he believes were caused by Gilcrest's arrival. Afterwards, Ng joins Gilcrest in his room while he recounts his experiences in Kabul, where he almost died.

With tears of joy in her eyes, she runs outside and embraces him then returns to her class to continue her hula dancing. Communications between people are not scripted in the usual way. She sees Woody and they both run into each other's arms, then are joined by Grace and Mitch. Gilcrest and Ng travel to meet King Kanahele at his isolated community to negotiate a deal for his participation in the gate blessing ceremony.

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