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Reply Hey Sienna, The progress really depends on your effort. Shaun T takes you through every movement, and being verbal as he is, you feel as though he is your personal trainer.

They advise you on specific foods to eat, and combination of meals to prepare, that are going to speed up your progress and make your abs showing even more. The second comes, and there are days where you have to complete two workouts back to back.

When I arrive home from work, exhausted from working the full day, my pick-me-up is doing my Hip Hop Abs exercise each evening. It is not easy but it helped me to be able to put the full umph in it. Fat burning cardio delivers a full body workout, symantec endpoint protection update file and when compared to all the other routines it definitely is the most intense one.

And this is the first week. And I thought my waist was just fine before and actually bragged about it. This is the longest workout of the program, and thus somewhat harder. This accounts for the fast drop in size around your abdomen.

How long should you do this exercise for? You will have to follow the calendar- of course to the most of your efforts- and try to apply the principles of healthy eating from the nutrition guide. Hip buns and thighs This one is going to tone your butt and thighs and introduce you to more static and repetitive movements. Reply Hey Christina, Glad to hear about your progress! Most of my weight was lost, as I suspect, in the lower parts of my body.

All in all the workouts force you to maintain one rather prolonged isometric crunch, thus activating your abs while still doing cardio. What to expect from Hip Hop Abs? What you need is eating healthy and making sure your body has all the necessary nutrients in order to repair the muscle tissue thus making it burn more fat and get an even better tone.

That looks different than the one on the all access website. Trust the measuring tape instead. If you ask me to wrap it up with a single sentence, Hip Hop abs is really a workout that will provide you with hours and hours of fun.

Hip hop abs free download full version free download

This, as well as seeing a difference in my body shape, is encouraging me on to continue to the end. Reply hi im obese i have lb i started this last week i need know if this will help lose same weight?

That being said, they are fairly easy to follow. Every other day you have to do one workout. Here is where what he predicted came in conflict with what I experienced and where I proved him right. Click here to cancel reply.

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Varieties of squats, couple of different versions of lunges, and some single leg rises on the floor for your butt and hamstrings. Ventilate the room and lower the temperature if you can. Yes, you can have a small break.

Yet, despite this focus on specific muscle groups, you are still moving and having fun with what seems to be the most interesting combinations of squats and lunges. It is a great way to work out!

Oh and you will have to do push ups. But as much as I would love to have a ripped body like those of athletes, I realize that this is an excellent bargain for the time and energy invested.

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The camera movement allows you to see all exercises from couple of angles, making the workouts easier to follow. It is not just about core and abs, but rather thighs, legs and butt and an overall muscle definition. Hip hop abs works but if you stop and go back to your former habits you will not maintain. Oh, and as to further track your results, you will get a tape and a measurement card.


This one is going to tone your butt and thighs and introduce you to more static and repetitive movements. Actually depending on how tired you are after finishing Fat Burning Cardio. The nutrition plan, and I say this with certainty, is not a wholly script- you can modify, add, and even ditch it entirely. Bear in mind also that muscle weighs more than fat. Reply Click here to cancel reply.