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His mouth is hidden behind the safe or the shot is on Jeannie when he says it. However, Tony and Jeannie find out about Farnum's scheme and thwart it. Hoping to remedy this situation, Tony arranges a date between Roger and Patricia, the niece of General Schaeffer.

There's magic in the air when Dr. General Peterson makes his first appearance in this episode.

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Bellows offers him some wine. Jeannie does her brother a favor by babysitting his son, her nephew Abdullah. In the third season, this continuity was changed retroactively and Jeannie was assumed to have always been a genie. Reta Shaw as Colonel Abigail Finch. Jeannie worries about his tether breaking and Tony spinning out into space.

I Dream of Jeannie

Air Force to accept an ambassadorship overseas. William Smith as Turk Parker.

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Milton Frome as Produce Clerk uncredited. Bellows figures out the real truth about Jeannie and her powers.

The Worst Episodes of I Dream of Jeannie

Jeannie then puts a spell on it to make it seem that Tony is a virtuoso. Episode Ninja the best episodes of any tv show. The show ran for five seasons and produced episodes.

Tony then must play for him with the aid of Jeannie. Guess Who's Going to Be a Bride? Butch Patrick guest stars as Richard. Harold Gould as General Whetherby.

It turns out Roger switched boxes and the safe didn't go to the moon. When Jeannie users her magic to help Tony punch out some punks, he ends up being entered in a boxing match with a Marine. Jeannie's iconic bottle was not created for the show. Tony is offered a job in the private sector and wonders what it would be like if he accepted. He offers Tony the opportunity to come along and be his Military Attache.

Tony at first keeps Jeannie in her bottle most of the time, but he finally relents and allows her to enjoy a life of her own. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Going up a one-way street in the wrong direction, she is stopped by Patrolman Don Anderson Alan Hewitt. His timing couldn't be worse, as he is immediately taken captive by killer Chinese spies who'll stop at nothing to get the plans for a top-secret project. For various reasons, Larry Hagman did not reprise his role as Tony Nelson in either of these reunion movies. Jeannie's shenanigans have the base thinking Dr.

Bellows into a mouse that is going to be sent into space. This animated series is completely separate from the Eden live-action series. Upon seeing Jupiter, Djinn Djinn turns invisible and creates havoc and eventually get himself and Jupiter put into the pound. Bellows learns Jeannie's true identity when a storm maroons both Roger and Dr. As the Bellows can't be seen, Tony has some funny accidents.

Worst I Dream of Jeannie Episodes

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Not to be confused with I Dream of Jeanie film. Jeannie blinks up another Tony that by which is more romantic and worships the ground Jeannie walks on. Jeannie becomes jealous and poses as her to fool Tony.

Of course, she can't get the needed passport, but doesn't find this out until she nearly gets another woman in serious trouble. Bellows sees her, thinks Jeannie and Tony are secretly married and is appalled that she is running around in a harem costume and calling him master. He of course is horrible and cant even hit the ball, but at a second try Jeannie makes him hit it farther than most pro's.

Tony and Roger are testing an experimental aircraft that resembles a flying saucer. Thats not all, they and others chip in to hire a redecorator to redecorate their home. This section does not cite any sources. Tony gets a letter from his old college sweetheart Bonnie, mp3 songs of deewana album of sonu nigam saying she is going to meet up with him.

List of I Dream of Jeannie episodes. Lists of American sitcom television series episodes I Dream of Jeannie.

Worst I Dream of Jeannie Episodes

Pat O'Malley plays the judge. Among Djinn-Djinn's favorite tricks are turning invisible at inopportune times, and launching invisible attacks on anyone wearing a military uniform! He instantly falls in love with the first woman he sees, Jeannie. Mothers usually know best so Jeannie decides to follow her mom's Lurene Tuttle advice to make Tony jealous by accepting Roger Healey's marriage proposal.

Tagging along is Jeannie's magical mutt Djinn-Djinn, who takes an instant dislike to Jupiter. Further complicating matters, he believes the couple subletting his apartment are genies! The interior of Tony's neighbor's house is the interior set from Bewitched. Michael Ansara as King Kamehameha. To find out if Jeannie would fall in love with another man, Tony pretends to be a British doctor.