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Dropdown list for various options and check boxes have been provided to save the time of the user. Confirm the name, date and amounts are mentioned correctly. Advance tax is paid by the all persons, both corporate assessee company assessee and non-corporate assessee other than non-corporate assessee. You will also know how to submit and verify this challan.

Through our blog, we are guiding citizens to download essential forms and challans. In the case of online payment, first of all, you need to download the challan form. After submitting it, you also need to verify it online.

The user is required to fill the data in a pop up form and challan form in excel is updated automatically. On the request of the users, an option to unprotect database sheet to fill the information directly in the cells have been provided in this version.

No need of challan serial no. Carefully match all the details shown up on the screen. This helps you to fill up the challan and keep it ready before visiting the bank. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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This scheme of advance payment of tax is also called pay as you earn scheme, i. Details of the all the tax paid by you during the selected period will show up on the screen. In the case of online payment, you need to fill up the challan online and submit it. About The Author administrator. Macro should be enabled to use this form.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. However, on users request, an option to unprotect database sheet has been given for making entries directly in the cells instead of form.


In the case of any discrepancy, contact the authorities. Even the private entities have their challans for payment purpose. The advance tax is paid in the previous year itself. It acts as a proof of payment on the part of the payer.

You will also find valuable information on submitting the challans. Who is responsible to pay Advance Tax The provisions of advance tax are applicable on all types of persons irrespective of the residential status of the person. Well made and very easy to use. If any mistake is noted in the verification, you can report it immediately.

However, the Finance Bill has omitted the said clause aa. The challans can either be submitted for online payment or offline payment. Here is where we will help you. Since, the actual tax and actual income can be computed only after completion of the year therefore, the income is estimated at different due dates mentioned above. Thank you it very Helpful.

Different challans are prescribed by the income tax department for paying different taxes. These are small changes that will make the utility complete.

Challan 280 in Excel and Fillable PDF

After you pay, it takes at least a week to upload the details online. The challan is a new single copy challan. Surcharge, education and higher education cess should also be considered while calculating the advance tax liability. Users are not required to give blank spaces while filling the pop up Challan form. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The tax on such estimated income is computed and percentage of the tax as mentioned above is payable by the assessee at different due dates. So Advance Tax is payable only if net tax payable on the estimated Income of the full Financial year is Rs or more. These are income tax, wealth tax, realplayer software for pc and corporation tax. Tracking your challans is essential as it keeps you relaxed about your tax payment. The verification of the challan is done at the nsdl portal.


Match the details viewed on the screen with your payment details. Cut off Amount if the tax payable is Rs. Thus, the tax is paid as income is earned. The payment does not entirely complete the procedure.

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What about deductors who may not have an internet banking facility? You will be saved in the case of any discrepancy at the last minute. The verification process makes you sure that the money you paid is accounted properly. Also the challan has been updated to provide for option to specify payment of late fee under section E. Your form is easy to fill and saves our valuable time.

Thus, the tax is paid in the year of earning of income, in other words the earning of income and payment of tax goes simultaneously. Users are advised to read help file first. In case users are not aware of how to enable macros, they can download a help file. Click the view option to see the challan details. Users can also watch the following tutorial video to know how to use this utility.

Perhaps the motive of government is to collect the big amount of tax at the earliest. Please note that Finance Act, w. The provisions of advance tax are applicable on all types of persons irrespective of the residential status of the person.

The challan will help you to ensure the appropriate accounting of your payment. This excel Challan for payment of Income Tax should be used for making payment of income tax on companies corporation tax or income tax other than companies.