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Indian indenture system The modern South African Indian community is largely descended from Indians who arrived in South Africa from onwards. Natal's Indian traders rapidly displaced small white shop owners in trade with other Indians, and with black Africans, causing resentment among white businesses. In addition, the status of Taiwanese, backdating notary Japanese and South Koreans as honorary whites under apartheid complicated the case.

They greatly outnumber native Chinese South Africans. Indian South Africans form the largest grouping of people of Indian descent born outside India. Chinese South Africans The smaller Chinese community was initially descended from migrant workers who came to work in the gold mines around Johannesburg in the late nineteenth century. Because Chinese under apartheid had somewhat less rigid restrictions than indigenous blacks, some people argued against their receiving benefits. This all contributed to the loss of identity similar to the Mozambicans and other slaves who were brought to the Cape.

Chinese immigration caused difficulties for the apartheid regime. He was the foremost among the Konkani merchants in Cochin modern day Kochi in Kerala.

Complicating this attempt was the presence of recent immigrant Chinese who had not been disadvantaged by apartheid. Since however, there has been a steady trickle of immigrants from the Indian subcontinent. They are largely confined to the bigger cities.

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No further record of this individual and his descendants if any exists. Researchers have made efforts to collect and make available shipping lists of Indian immigrants. The Mercury newspaper favoured the importation of labour, although other Natal newspapers were against the idea.

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