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Intimidating baseball nicknames for catchers, list of baseball nicknames

Besides, a simple guy who loved baseball and got mixed up with the wrong people and never lived it down. Mickey Mantle The Commerce Comet Mantle, a star athlete from Commerce, Oklahoma, was offered a football scholarship by the University of Oklahoma, carley and chidgey dating divas but wisely chose baseball. Apparently that helped him throw a devastating curveball described by Ty Cobb as the toughest in baseball. Mark Fidrych The Bird The affable righthander enjoyed talking to the baseball while on the mound and manicuring the mound on his hands and knees between innings. When you can become one of the more popular athletes in baseball batting.

List of baseball nicknames

Brooks Robinson Vacuum Cleaner If you ever saw Brooksie do his work around the hot corner, you would quickly understand the moniker. An errant pitch that eludes the catcher and allows a baserunner to take one or more additional bases is called a wild pitch.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Lawrence Peter Berra Yogi Evidently when Berra sat with arms and legs crossed a friend suggested he looked like a Hindu yogi. Short, to the point, and a bit lyrical. To perform this properly, without the ball being deflected in an undesirable direction, the catcher must angle his body so that his chest is always leaning forward, toward home plate.

Fantasy Baseball Advice

Passed balls are possible whenever one or more runners are on base. The catcher, when receiving a borderline pitch, usually has several options in how he makes the catch. Naturally, the runner's objective, in this situation, is to elude the catcher's tag and touch the plate. Conversely, some umpires will call low pitches strikes even when they are slightly below the knees.

March This article possibly contains original research. Rarely, a catcher will run to first base or third base to participate in rundown plays at those bases. Tom Maurer Kingsport, Tenn. But the catcher hit his way into the Hall of Fame. People will most definitely come.

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Now the term Yogi is associated with malaprops more than Hindu. Once the ball is in play, however, the catcher and pitcher, like the other fielders, can respond to any part of the field necessary to make or assist in a defensive play. Since the start of the season, a catcher may only obstruct a runner's path to home plate when he, the catcher, is in possession of the ball.

The Great Bambino's legend has out lasted them all. He epitomized grace under pressure and could hammer a ball in any position thrown.

Earl Averill was the Duke of Snohomish after his hometown in Washington. These choices help the catcher to create a favorable presentation or frame for the umpire.

Pitcher-Catcher Funny Name Combinations

Any failure by the catcher can have dire consequences for his team. Preventing wild pitches and avoiding passed balls. Johnny Dickshot Ugly First of all, that is his real name. It's probably the most colorful nickname in sports history, with a great story to back it up. Christian Wheeler Berea, Ky.

But, Bresnahan was from Toledo. Nina People will come, Ray.

He played the game like an old-timer, and was able to touch all generations of fans! Without the ball in hand, the catcher must allow the runner to score uncontested.

My vote is for is career accomplishments and for the accuracy of his nickname as it describes his character. The catcher's interference call is not very commonly seen. He has since requested another, less violent name. Jim Grant Mudcat Grant, who became one of the most successful African-American pitchers in the s, was the roommate of his boyhood idol Larry Doby when he first came to Cleveland.

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It also includes a list of nicknames of current Major League teams. Sports journalists, broadcasters and fans commonly refer to teams by a wide variety of nicknames. Collisions between runners and catchers were common. By the late s, catchers began to use padded, fingerless gloves to protect their hands, and in the first protective catcher's mask was used. Although the pitcher has a responsibility to throw with reasonable accuracy, catchers must be mobile enough to catch or block errant pitches.

Bucketfoot Al bashed major league pitching at a. Just being left-handed in Boston was probably enough. Doug Gwosdz Eye-chart Ancestors of the former catcher of the San Diego Padres must have misspelled this name somewhere down the line. As a tribute to his calm, cool demeanor in tough situations, he became known as the Chairman of the Board.

Many of the names are so established that newspapers routinely use the names in headlines. Randy Johnson Big Unit Okay, get your mind out of the gutter.

Teammates, seemingly out of self-preservation, never called him Ducky-Wucky, but chose instead the name, Muscles. Because of this, lefthander Bill Lee, with whom Zimmer often sparred, gave him the name Gerbil.

Catcher Matt Wieters blocks runner Derek Jeter from tagging home plate. The catcher is then informally referred to as that pitcher's personal catcher. Techniques for blocking wild pitches are described in the previous section. Mike Hargrove Human Rain Delay And you think Nomar Garciaparra invented the step-out-of-the-box-and-adjust-your-batting-gloves routine.

The catcher is often obliged to catch a ball thrown from a fielder and to tag out a runner arriving from third base. The catcher can exploit an umpire's tendencies by taking him into account in how he chooses to receive the ball. In addition, a lefty's throw would tend to come in on the shortstop side of the bag, while a righty's throw would be on the second base side of the bag, which is where the runner is coming in.

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When he stepped on the field, he was the man. Garry Maddox Minister of Defense If you watched Maddox patrol center field for the Phillies in the s, you immediately get the name.

The general approach is to catch the half of the ball that is outside the strike zone and show the umpire only the half of the ball, lodged in the mitt, that is closer to the zone. No other shortstop could get to the ball as fast as, and utilize the fielders around him like Ozzie.