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But her demons had followed her. Ned ran off with another woman and spent their fortune willy-nilly.

That was when she brought into her life the very fate she had tried to avoid. Gradually, Scott became mean, controlling, and very critical of Anne. But did she really kill her ex-lover Lord Erroll? After her separation from Roussel, Christina flew to Buenos Aires with Athina, intending to start a new life. She kept a pet lion cub and had a Nile crocodile in her bathtub.

He set his sights on Catherine. Equally successful was the New York investment bank E. She was discovered and rescued by her friend Patricia Bowles, but Alice succeeded in turning her gun on herself a week later. Hans and Eva spent the last months living in just two messy rooms. Eva managed to eke out an economics degree.

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Her brother Vinson was killed in a car accident in which Evalyn herself was also seriously injured. Now suffering from depression, Alice returned to Kenya where the sunshine cheered her up somewhat. Once, Scott nearly pushed her out of a moving car. She stayed with friends and was reportedly in high spirits.

When Alice was diagnosed with uterine cancer later that year, she found some barbiturates to overdose on. Her spiraling depression required hospitalization. William turned out to be a worthless husband. But Evalyn, who considered the Hope her good luck charm, was dismissive of the curse. While they donated to charities dedicated to fighting drug addiction, they themselves were hooked on substance abuse.

Ned, a chronic alcoholic, died in a sanatorium. Her father, William Edward Silverthorne, made his fortune in the textile industry.

Her folks considered him not very bright and articulate, and Alexandra and Annie thought him crude. Henrietta never did recover from the mental and physical effects of the accident.

Abigail struggled with Patricia Krenwinkel and managed to escape despite being knifed repeatedly. But Eva and Hans led a double life. It remains a mystery why she finally succumbed, as it appears that her decision to marry William was made against her better judgment. William Wellesley-Pole was a known troublemaker, irresponsible and anti-authoritarian. It is hard to believe that Barbara would die virtually broke, a divorcee seven times over.

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She began liquidating assets and watched her properties and possessions go to pay off debts. But even before the diamond came into her life, www totally free dating sites com Evalyn had her share of tragedies.

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It took many agonizing months before her broken leg healed, and she became addicted to morphine in the process. Okay, now go ahead and scratch that lottery ticket. It was a fateful decision.

With every misfortune, the curse of the Hope Diamond was blamed. She bore him a daughter, Sarah.

Torsten Henning People believe that a dark curse is stalking the Guinness family of famous Anglo-Irish brewers. She had been dead for two months from a drug overdose. Wanstead Park was auctioned off, and William fled from his creditors to the Continent. It was a mismatch from the start, and the mild-mannered Anne would pay with her life. Hutton, which was co-founded by her father, Franklyn Laws Hutton.

People who saw the twins were shocked by their emaciated appearance. He was arrested when his unrelenting physical abuse landed Barbara in the hospital.

Her maternal grandfather, Frank W. The Marinoris moved into a humble cottage, and Henrietta settled down to domestic tranquility. Drugs, drunkenness, sex parties, and adultery were the scandalous staples of the group based in Kenya.

As with most people born into wealth, Abigail felt something missing in her life and went in search for it. Women born into wealth seem particularly vulnerable to the curse of having too much money.

Hans was arrested for delaying the burial of a dead body. With her fourth husband, Thierry Roussel, Christina bore daughter Athina.

Catherine gave in on the seventh. Nevertheless, Alice could not escape the day of reckoning brought on by her decadent lifestyle. Most were only after her money and carried home hefty sums from the divorce settlements. Catherine fell ill, possibly from venereal disease she contracted from the promiscuous William. Some believe she may have gotten away with murder.

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