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But perhaps not before Crystal City, with its proximity to the Pentagon and the Capitol, exercises its own influence on Amazon. Do we have to choose between defending ourselves from a demagogue and reckoning with our role in having created him? Michael Walsh Despite political differences, California Gov. Visibility is so low that the tops of the iconic spires are a hazy blur, and the view of Alcatraz is all but obliterated.

David Knowles The president makes a rare public admission on not attending a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery to commemorate the holiday. Michael Walsh The current wildfires in California, propelled by climate change and years of forest mismanagement, are a tragic example of what we can expect for the foreseeable future. Only the shell still stands, rocked by gusts of anger, not only over the killing of Bijan by federal law enforcement agents but also by the official silence that has marked the last twelve months. Jenna McLaughlin and Luppe B.

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Park Police fatally shoot Bijan Ghaisar? The family of Bijan Ghaisar has been emptied, like a building cleared before demolition.

And yet, to most of us, it is. Alexander Nazaryan Amazon will doubtlessly change Crystal City beyond recognition. Matt Bai In a movie where virtually all the characters live in a gray zone of morality, pagdating ng araw lyrics to uptown should the journalists be exempt?

Hunter Walker and Luppe B. District Court Judge Timothy J.

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