Perkins Workshop Manual

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Lightly lubricate the components with clean lubricating oil before they are assembled onto the hub. Use a suitable spacer to support the drive gear end of the shaft. The lubricating oil then passes through the hole in the idler shaft to the bush in the idler gear.

To fit Clean thoroughly the rear of the fan where it fits onto the fan extension. Flywheel And Housing New Series Flywheel and housing General description The steel flywheel is fitted with a hardened starter ring. This provides all the information you need to keep your engine running properly day in, day out. By continuing to use this site without changing your settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Atomisers New Series Atomisers Regular maintenance of the atomisers is not necessary. Page New Series Starter motors General description The Magneti Marelli M starter motor is operated by a solenoid and has a six roller clutch.

Perkins workshop manual specs bolt torques

Ensure that all the timing marks are correctly aligned. Thoroughly clean the joint faces of the cylinder block and transfer plate. As the valves are the same, but one valve is fitted in reverse of the other, it is possible to fit the valves upside down. Only the upper half of the bearing has lubrication holes and must be fitted to the cylinder block.

Battery and starter motor condition, ambient conditions and the type of gauge used can give a wide variation of results for a given engine. As the nut is tightened the atomiser will rotate clockwise as the ball moves in the slot, this is acceptable. The part number of the pipes is stamped on a clip which is fastened to one end of each pipe. Lubricate the bearing with clean engine lubricating oil. Ensure that the valve seat cutter is not allowed to fall on to the seat as this can damage the blades.

The dimensions which are shown are those which are mainly used in the factory. Do not allow compressed air to contact your skin, if compressed air enters your skin obtain medical help immediately. To check this, lift the spring from the brush and pull carefully on the flexible connections.

If they do not fit freely by hand, fit new setscrews. Put the plain washer and the spring washer in position onto the pulley.

Perkins 1004-1006 engine specs bolt torques and manuals

Basic puller for camshaft gear. If the surface of the heat shield is not shiny, the rocker cover protected by the heat shield could be damaged. The setting must not be changed, unless approved, as it could affect the warranty of the engine. If the cover is not centred, the backlash between the fuel pump gear and coolant pump gear could be affected. If there is a leakage from the union nut, ensure that the pipe is correctly aligned with the atomiser inlet.

Published in December by Technical Publications. The engine family type and code are the initial letters on the engine serial number, which can be found on the engine data plate or on your sales order acknowledgment.

Refer to Operation for the correct method to time the pump. If the support bracket is mounted on the oil filter head, check that the nuts for the filter head are tightened correctly before the compressor support bracket is fitted.

Perkins workshop manual specs bolt torques

Perkins 4.236 engine specifications and manuals

For further information contact your nearest Perkins distributor. For further information refer to your nearest Perkins distributor. Perkins Series Workshop Manual. All pages are printable, sarod mp3 so print off what you need and take it with you into the garage or workshop.

Perkins 4.236 bolt torques specifications and manuals

Perkins Series Workshop ManualPerkins 4.236 engine specifications and manualsPerkins 1004-1006 series engines specifications and manuals

The setting for the maximum no load speed can change for different applications. Failure of the starting aid to operate correctly could result in damage to the engine as the timing will be fully advanced for normal operation. After your payment via PayPal or credit card, you will have instant access to your download. Inspect the new seal for damage. Crankcase gases pass through the oil separator where oil from the gases is returned to the sump.

Perkins 4.236 bolt torques specifications and manuals

Also See for New Series Workshop manual - pages. Our manuals are compiled in pdf format and can be opened with every pdf-reader. Download link for the manual will appear on the checkout page after your payment is completed. If cold cleaning fluids are applied to a hot engine, certain components on the engine may be damaged.

You must refer also to the local regulations in the country of use. If it is necessary to renew the idler shaft on these engines, follow the procedure given below. Click here for information about the manufacturer. The timing case B is for engines fitted with a belt driven coolant pump. Specialist training and equipment is needed to machine the finish of a partially finished liner.

Lightly lubricate the components with clean lubricating oil before assembly onto the hub. Compression Test Data New Series Compression test data Tests have shown that many factors affect compression pressures. Release the connection at the gauge and operate the priming lever of the lift pump to eliminate air from the pipe. The solenoid engages the starter drive in two operations to ensure that the motor gets its maximum torque only when the starter motor is engaged fully with the flywheel.

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