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Pure Hidden

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Pure Hidden - Walkthrough Because of the endless hints you get in this game, you won't find any screenshots with marked items for the hidden object scenes. Hints are unlimited, but you must wait for them to recharge.

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We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. The pink star in the left low corner is you hint.

When you are satisfied with your picture, click the next button to finish the level. You can tell this is not a game made in the U. As the game starts, a plant fills the screen. Seems maybe the game doesn't accommodate for widescreen and I didn't see any option for it.

Review Walkthrough Pure Hidden. Love the variety of puzzles and hidden objects, some challenging, juanita du plessis jou skaduwee some not. Very different from the usual hidden object games. Be the first to write a forum post about this game!

You start out at the game tree, a large, leafy, vine-like plant that twists and turns about the screen. JayIsGames offers a free online experience with the best free online games. After locating items in the memory box, cabinet and bathtub, click on the arrow to move the scene and find the hamper and the sink area. Drag the ones you want onto the record to create your own sound. Click the colored bubbles, coming from the bottom going to the top.

Click here to download this game again. Lion Box This is a connect-the-dots mini-game. Select a stencil from the left and place it anywhere on the paper. Don't have a lot of time to play anymore.

Move your cursor around to find the hot spots to magnify. Place the panther on the matching box. We use cookies on this site including to improve its functionality and to record how you use our site.

Use any letter key on your keyboard. This walkthrough was created by prpldva.

Shears Box Press any keys on your keyboard to make the plants grow up to the moon. Place the tube on the matching box. The white ones are locked.

Pure Hidden

Very relaxing and addictive. Each color corresponds to an instrument. Place the chicken on the matching box. Get a pattern from the left and place it on the paper.

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Car Box The object of this level is to find seven differences. Click the green mark at the item you would like to have. The yellow pipes are locked. The Space Between Walkthrough. You have to choose stone, paper or scissors.

Pure Hidden

The games exist to be played, not to serve any external plot or characters. Turn the black connections by left click.

You may replay any level at any time. Place the superhero on the matching box. Click on the dots in numerical sequence.

Again, we start with two Nicolet's tiny cubes, both lovely and overall enjoyable with their slick visuals and well-worked out puzzles. You can't actually select an item unless it's showing in the list, and it's a good idea to remember where you found an item, as you'll likely be asked to find the same object later on. Place the butterfly on the matching box. It doesn't seem like a gimmick to get around the lack of a plot, story, or characters.

Scissors Box The object of this mini-game is to win three out of five rounds in Rock, Paper, Scissors. You may skip this mini-game by selecting the next button. Match Box In this mini-game, choose an incense burner you like and select the check mark.

Pure Hidden

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