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Second, each of these groups includes thousands of different species of many different sizes, shapes, etc. Extensive evidence indicates that most limestone deposits are not produced by rapid precipitation of inorganic calcium, but gradual accumulation of organic material discussed further below. In reality, abundant evidence indicates that fossils occur throughout the sedimentary beds comprising the upper portion of these mountains. First, there is no empirical evidence for such pillars.

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None of these combinations are ever found. In short, the amount of coal on earth is far too large to have existed at the time of the Flood, and therefore most have grown and accumulated over long periods of time. However, that invites the thorny question of why God would take special measures to save hundreds of horrible diseases rather than let them expire. Even without earthquakes or meteorite impacts, the only way a surface crust could cover a global expanse of water below it is if it were almost perfectly smooth, lacking any mountains even hills.

However, as one progresses up the fossil record, more modern families and then genera begin to appear, and finally, in the upper most strata, more genera and species appear more like modern ones. Otherwise the crust would buckle, massively fracture, and release the subterranean waters Morton, a. Even most extant genera and families are not found in either the Precambrian or Cambrian, nor even in the rest of the Paleozoic. Many of these diseases could not survive the Flood year without infecting live human hosts. Under these beds are more heavily metamorphosed rocks marble, gneiss, etc.

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First, it worsens the irregularities that would invite cracks in the crust. Clearly the development of new alleles which involve gene duplication, cross-overs, etc. Evolution predicts that minor variations should slowly accumulate, eventually becoming major categories of organisms. Although their taxonomic status is debated, some may be forerunners of known phyla, but are not readily identified with any extant orders or classes, let alone modern species.

Diseases on the Ark Brown also neglects another large group of organisms that must have been on the ark, which presents more serious problems. All of this supports evolution, and starkly contradicts the picture Brown paints. In order to deal with this problem, Brown asserts that the speed of light has decreased exponentially since the creation week. Meanwhile, more relevant and current sources are often omitted, as illustrated by examples cited earlier.

Many other examples could be cited. For example, early dinosaurs in the Triassic period were considerably different from many dinosaurs in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, but arguably no more complex.

His mechanisms would be expected to affect sediments involved in the Flood, but largely exclude deep Precambrian strata, even though they yield the oldest radiometric dates. Yet the slopping patterns do exist, julia chow and tommy trinh dating service and are well documented for several different dating methods.

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Moreover, the ages of these strata are derived from several independent dating methods discussed in further detail later. However, their composition is quite variable.

Adding to the confusion, Brown suggests on p. Brown's denial of speciation seems to conflict even with other statements in his own book.

However, it is not even clear how liquefaction could be very applicable to his model, let alone explain fossil succession. This brings up another point, which is that Brown seems to have a major geometric problem with his thesis about the origin of comets, meteorites, and asteroids.

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Walter Brown's Hydroplate Model Doesn't Hold Water

For example, one of the major rock types on earth is limestone and its metamorphosed form, marble which are not found in comets, meteorites, or asteroids, except as small traces. First, it was not published in any scientific journal, but was simply an anecdotal account, lacking in many details. Yet another heat problem in Brown's model concerns the mixing of the surface oceans with the super-hot waters in the subterranean chambers.

Besides the many tracks and burrows mentioned above, these also include many other trace fossils such as nests, dens, hives, and coprolites fossil feces as well as stromatolites Fig. Ironically, however, one of the most impressive intermediate fossils was an insect found in in Cretaceous amber in New Jersey Fig.

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Insects and other arthropods found in amber, supposedly million-years-old, look like those living today. Even with the loss of such sediments, those that remain comprise a vast and well-known delta, in stark contradiction to Brown's claims. It is thought to be a possible early relative of corals. This is critical, because by using this linguistic sleight of hand, Brown gives the impression that many modern species occur at the lowest levels of the fossil record, when in fact none do. Thus, we should expect most of the Earth's sedimentary strata would be made largely of eroded granite, along with deposits of salt and inorganic calcium.