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Four decades later they are still committed to one another to extent that gives you new faith in the power of love. He believes she was poisoned when she was given three shots of a chemical before a scan to check for arthritis. According to reports, their wedding included black and white attire with tunes from Broadway musicals blasting on the speakers. Stallone says this marriage was the second beginning for him and he learned the hard way how important it was to put his family ahead of his career.

When he saw Yasmin on the cover of a magazine, he searched until he found the number of her agency and posed as an executive to set up a meeting. It takes a special kind of love to last such a long time. The couple has been working together ever since.

The Best Dressed Celebrity Brides of All Time

What many people thought would be just a fling ended up being one of the most beautiful love stories ever. They had both been married before. Anne was a five-time Oscar nominee and renowned actress. The pair first met on the set of The Mexican, in which Roberts was starring and Moder was working as a cinematographer.

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Six years later, Kudrow met Stern at the same friend's birthday party, and the two began their love story. She actually met him at a hangout with her also famous brother Jake. Mark might have ditched his trademark long hair, but he looks better than ever. David is a marketing executive and filmmaker.

He saw bartender, Luciana Barroso across the room and he was smitten. Both people of the future, nobody will ever forget their smiles and forward-thinking ways.

Years later, their romance grew and grew until they realized that forever is their only option. At first, they were just friends that chatted about the process of adopting a baby.

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Wanting to be a good friend, Kudrow kept far away didn't pursue him. Before she started acting as Dr. They attribute their vitality to constant physical activity and healthy communication. He gives his wife Dorothea, a martial arts instructor, all the credit and says she has helped him to beat his demons. After many ups and downs before Goldie, Kurt has settled down and has become happy and peaceful.

Most people marvel at how youthful Mark and Rhea are. They immediately noticed the chemistry between them and began dating. Unfortunately, cosmogenic isotope surface exposure dating simulator he was dating one of her friends at the time. They were married in after dating for only four months. They have two sons born to surrogates.

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She has been with Steve through thick and thin, refusing to abandon the love of her life. Danes and Dancy fell for one another when they played in the movie Evening and have been inseparable ever since. However, all the fame never did get to them. It just goes to show that true love can withstand all sorts of problems, like infertility and other issues.

It is available exclusively at Barney's New York. What really was outstanding was the way they met. Thank heavens that they listened to the girl!

Their relationship stood the test of time simply because of patience. They recently renewed their vows at a second wedding ceremony attended by many stars. Love and effort can withstand any trial, and the marriage of Pauletta and Denzel is no different.

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The two have incredible chemistry and a mutual love of dark humor. According to Freddie, those two years of friendship helped them get to know each other's flaws and morals and is the secret to their healthy relationship now.

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They both admitted they had several difficult periods, but dedication and respect managed to get them over the hump. During many occasions, their marriage was kind of rocky, but they managed to pull through.

After a talk about what happened, the two realized there was something there, and they decided to go with it. Many decades later, the two are looking cuter than ever.

They were such an unorthodox and strange couple, but lovely nevertheless. Michelle Pfeiffer and David E.

Although Adriano was intrigued with Claudia, Claudia didn't notice as she thought he was too extraordinary for her. In private life, he is a fun-loving family man who has the luck of being married to the lovely Kyra for three decades now. One of the secrets to their marriage is a high level of trust. They were quietly married in and are still happily married. It almost seems that whenever Courtney busts out a stylish suit, Angela one ups him with an ever more stylish dress.