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The Lord of Meera, Lord Giridhari, wears golden colored clothing. Carnatic Hindustani Fusion. Without You there is darkness ignorance in my life. He is the cowherd son of Nanda and Yashoda, from Gokula.

Sambhaal Rakhiyaan Music Teacher. Son of Siva and Shakthi, You are the inner meaning of Omkara. The Lord has incarnated in every age and is the Sustainer of entire creation.

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Amba, Bhavani and Lakshmi. He is worshipped by saints and sages. He is the consort of Goddes Lakshmi and the embodiment of Om. Glory to the Lord who enchants our hearts with divine music on His flute. Naliva Gulabi Hoove Auto Raja.

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He is full of grace, dancing to the rhythms of the drum. Love is His beautiful form. He is the complete incarnation of God. Ganpati Song Ganpati Song.

Hari, Gopala, Govinda, Ghana Shyama dark-complexioned one. We prostrate and surrender to the protector and refuge of all beings. We seek refuge, please grant us your protection.

Please do not let go of my hand O Lord of the destitutes. Avoid free song websites as the risk of viruses is very high. Payal Ki Jhankaar Raj Kamal. Mother Amba holds a trident, and her vehicle is a lion. Vande Mataram India's Most Wanted.

He destroys the fear of mundane existence, and grants salvation. Praise be to Krishna, all data automotive software the Divine cowherd - known as Madhusudhana. Songs Kannum Kannum Angadi. Related playlist Aarti Songs - Devotional. Ki Ashai Bandhi Khelaghar Amanush ben.

Sai Baba Of India-Bhajan text

Kindly protect the weak and shower Your grace on the fallen ones. Chant the name of Krishna the lifter of Govardhana Mountain. Amanush ben Shyamal Mitra. Lord Sai who personifies the scriptures of Gita, Ramayana and the Vedas is our only refuge. Lord Sai is the embodiment of Lord Shiva.

He is the divine flute-player, and the beloved son of Nanda and Yashoda. Please protect us in times of distress and shower Your Love on us, Sai Rama, the indweller of my heart. He is the Lord of the destitute, who swallowed the poison to save His devotees.

It is quick, reliable and completely safe. You are the ultimate Energy, and the effulgent one. Glory to the supreme guru, Lord Sai. The consort of Vishnu sits in a lotus flower and resides in Parthi. Take me, O Lord, keep me at Your feet, and shower Your grace and mercy on me.

He is the immaculate Lord, who bestows auspiciousness. He sleeps on Shesha, the king of serpents. Pray to and always remember the auspicious Lord Rama, the beloved of Sita and the resident of Vaikuntha Heaven. Sing the name of the Lord and teacher, Lord of Guruvayur who killed the demon Mura. Surrender to Buddha, to the Holy company.

He is Lord Sai the savior of His devotees and resides in Puttaparthi. Shri Vishnu Ekadashnaam Stotra.

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Shankara, Lord of Girija, destroys the fear of the cycle of birth and death. It is also the temple of the Lotus Feet of the One who liberates us from all sins. He is the enchanting Lord of the divine dance who dances to the sound of the celestial drum. He is the son of Nandha and His beauty equals the effulgence of a million suns.

Take us across the ocean of our mundane existence. Ei Korechho Bhalo Dadar Kirti. She bestows auspiciousness.

The son of Mother Parvati, the life breath of all, is the destroyer of illusion, and bestower of good fortune. Protect us, Karthikeya, the youthful son of Shiva and Shakthi, and the bearer of the divine spear.

The indweller mother Sai bestows us and showers us with immortality and eternal bliss. Chant the names of Lord Panduranga and Vitthala, the Lord of Pandari, who is the bestower of auspiciousness, the enchanter of hearts and the supporter of those who are afflicted and miserable. Please shower us with your compassion and love.

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You are the light of our lives. Eternal is His effulgence and exceedingly beautiful is His form. He grants liberation and is the cause of creation, preservation and dissolution. He is the wish- fulfilling Sai Ram.

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Sai Baba Of India-Bhajan text

He is Lord Shiva, a lover of dance and soothing music, and resides in Parthi. He has taken on the illusory human form as part of the divine play.

Please come, O Lord Sai residing in Parthi. Shirdi Sai Baba devotees experiences.