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There was no lag while plating these games, but some times the touch response did lag a bit behind our actual touch. The entire front of the device is covered with glass, our of which protrudes only the earpiece and the physical Home button. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Although there is no bass, but the clarity and distortion free sound even at the loudest volume, feels great.

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Flipboard too works on the device, it can be directly installed from the Play Store and before doing any reading I would recommend turning on the Increase Legibility option in Display Settings. The low resolution causes compatibility issues with apps and it the only thing why we can't wholeheartedly recommend the Galaxy Star Duos. Performance and Battery Life The Galaxy Star Duos performed quite well in all our benchmarks, and came above current entry-level smartphones. Although there was no ghosting or dropped frames. In terms of ergonomics the buttons are located at the correct place, and one handed operation is no problem at all.

Samsung Galaxy Star price in India specifications comparison (5th June )

Its camera is good at outdoors but you may experience noise inside. The only sensor the device has is the accelerometer which is sufficiently sensitive. Even though the backcover is made of plastic, and has a shiny paint finish it does not feel inexpensive. Not to be confused with Galaxy Star. Many users have found that the device's capabilities are basic, seeing it as a low-end smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Star Price in India (5th June 2019)

We played music both using the speakerphone and earphones during the stipulated time. The earpiece is quite loud and clear, and if you want to talk using the speakerphone that too is quite loud. The earphones provide good bass and overall full sound without overdoing anything particular. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In good lighting the camera can take decent shots but the images still come out to be a bit under-saturated, faded even.

Its experience of using may be not up to the mark but its good. We have a separate gaming review, which you can watch above. All in all, recommended for basic android users. Basic phone to enter the smartphone segment. We'll notify you when the next update comes for the Galaxy Star Duos.

The Galaxy Star follows the candybar form factor for smartphones, and features a plastic exterior. Although there is something good about the display, it shows accurate colors without being over saturated and the touch response of the Galaxy Star Duos is quite acceptable as well. The paltry resolution of the display makes everything look pixelated and sometimes text too becomes illegible, especially in games. On the whole this is the ideal phone for social networking, emails and stuff but not for gamers.

Samsung also have good after sales support. There is a general tendency to shift towards a more bluish hue in the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Star Duos. Samsung mobiles price in India. The camera interface is very easy to use on the Galaxy Star Duos, there aren't a multitude of settings, pk bhakti songs mp3 everything has been kept simple to allow novice users to use the smartphone.

While talking on the phone too we were able to hear the other person quite clearly and there was no echo or disturbance heard on the other side. The Galaxy Star Duos performed quite well in all our benchmarks, and came above current entry-level smartphones. Because it gives best specification in below Rs. It is a small budget phone and easily affordable.

Samsung has customized the stock dialer, lockscreen, notification bar and everything in between. Its not just an entry-level device but a device for people who might have not used a smartphone ever. You will have hanging problems if usage is heavy. Samsung has pre installed all the Google apps and a bunch of their own apps as well on the Galaxy Star Duos. Cheapest Galaxy Smartphone.

The volume rocker and power button too are very sturdy and provide good feedback. There is something called Motion, using which you can enable the phone to be muted when it is flipped over. The keyboard is good to type on as well, but the small size of the display can be an issue with us fat-fingered people. Then there is also an Easy Mode which makes the phone seem like a dumb-phone and is useful for people who have not used a smartphone before.

Small Budget Phone for Basic Usage. But there are better alternatives from other Indian manufacturers with far better displays and similar performance a the Galaxy Star Duos, available at the same price. Therefore, you can download the apk, and then sideload it, after which it works great. We have a separate benchmarking review of the Galaxy Star Duos which you can watch here. Its a great entry-level option for people who have never used a smartphone before and want to use one for the first time.

This problem can be solved if you disable some applications and install very less applications. Keep reading to find out the good, the bad and the ugly of the Samsung Galaxy Star Duos. The screen is bare basic, yet this is understandable considering the device is a low-end smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Star

The phone does not stutter while playing high bitrate videos, but anything above p will be unplayable with the native player. Like all other Samsung Galaxy smartphones, the Galaxy Star runs on the Android mobile operating system. Furthermore, it excels in terms of basic functions such as web browsing and communications. Android operating system devices Mobile phones introduced in Samsung mobile phones Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Touchscreen mobile phones. As soon as we installed it it started causing weird issues with the volume bar, it started appearing in its own separate activity which caused the background activity to stop.

Due to the small size, the phone fits perfectly in one hand. Samsung smartphones by operating system. While it has been praised for its price, user experience and battery life, it has also been criticised for its small screen, lack of features and performance. Now talking about WhatsApp, it does not directly install from the play store, most probably due to the display resolution.

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