Silent Hill 5

Alex releases her, but a caterpillar-like monster grabs Wheeler through a hole in the wall and pulls him in, prompting Margaret to run. Don't you wanna protect him? Back in the land of the living. The game is played in a first-person perspective.

To mitigate limitations of the hardware, developers liberally used fog and darkness to muddle the graphics. It's time I finished what your father couldn't.

It is considered a defining title in the survival horror genre, moving away from B movie horror elements, toward a psychological style of horror emphasizing atmosphere. Woops, yeah I meant Homecoming. Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. Alex asks if he knows where Elle is and Wheeler says that he doesn't know for sure, but he heard members of the Order talking about taking a woman to the Solitary Confinement block. No it's not, he told me it's worth more than a million dollars.

Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic. What the hell's going on here? Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, Inc. If the player decides to help, Alex mercifully puts a bullet in her brain, killing her right before the machine tears her body apart. They float upwards together, and an injured Wheeler limps below them.

Fitch drops the doll and it sinks into the blood pool. Joshua is the only one you ever cared about, and I can help him, if you tell me what's going on! Alex notices his father's revolver on his mother's lap, and he takes it from her before leaving. While the reasoning behind this has been strongly hinted at this point in the game, it is still not explicitly stated. He was one of the founders, and they named the town after him.

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For this reason, a Hollywood-like atmosphere was proposed for it. The game began development as Silent Hill V.

They noted that it inspired the Upside Down, a parallel dimension in the series. What are you talking about? Start telling me what's going on! As the game begins, the echoes of heavy artillery and explosions are heard. List of Silent Hill media.

He also says that he and his wife have always loved their son, but that they couldn't show him. The player is given a choice of whether or not to save him with a medical kit or to let him die.

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Receiving radio calls from Wheeler, Alex is led to the Overlook Penitentiary where he fights multitudes of monsters and Order members before rescuing Wheeler. The seventh installment in the series is a reimagining of the first installment. War changes you and nobody back home could ever understand.

It was released on iPhone systems, and was going to be ported to consoles, but its status is unknown. Traveling deeper into the prison, Alex reaches solitary confinement and instead, finds his mother. There are four names written on the plaque.

Silent Hill Homecoming

Silent Hill

When Alex comes to, museo sans rounded 100 he finds that he has been mysteriously transported to the neighboring town of Silent Hill. Another recurring plot trait in the Silent Hill series is a fictional religious cult known only as The Order. Homecoming is the sixth installment in the Silent Hill survival horror series.

Continuing to the Order's underground facility, Alex is captured by Judge Holloway, who reveals that everything that has happened is due to a broken pact. Alex then goes into mental shock right after Adam's scolding, repeating over in his mind that there was a way he could save Joshua, despite that he was dead. Once wheeled into a room and left alone, Alex struggles with his restraints as the doctor leaves the room. It is implied that many people in the town were told that Alex went off to war rather than that he was institutionalized, as Elle scolds him earlier in the game for not saying goodbye.

Alex then encounters Elle and they both escape into the sewers where they also eventually become separated. Returning home, Alex realizes that the dagger, aside from being a weapon, is the key that unlocks his father's hunting room door, as well as the other doors featuring the same type of lock.

But they feared the wrath of our God, so they made a pact to keep us safe. Creating and Marketing Fear.

The player is able to perform light and heavy attacks, or mix them to perform combinations, and may also perform a variety of finishing moves to ensure that the monsters are dead. Escaping the house, Alex meets back up with Elle and Wheeler, stating that they must go to Silent Hill to save everyone. Fitch's cuts proceed to multiply.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. After telling Alex that she misses Joshua and that his father has gone to look for him, Lillian refuses to speak to Alex any more.

When Adam is later cut in half by the Bogeyman, as the camera pulls back to reveal the scene, his remains have completely vanished. Many sequences and tropes from these films share identical concepts.

Silent Hill Homecoming

The soundtrack was composed by Akira Yamaoka. The game's plot, written by Patrick J. After leaving the house, Alex eventually finds himself traveling through a graveyard near his house, and while there, he sees two tombs belonging to two of the town's founding families. Dad's ring, but he told me not to show you, so I guess that makes me cooler.

Out of jealousy, Alex struggled with Josh to try to take the ring, and as they fought Josh accidentally fell into the lake and drowned. The conversation between Alex and the mysterious figure implies that it is Alex's father, or his conscience, asking for forgiveness for the way that he and his wife have always treated Alex. While the first three installments received critical acclaim, with the fourth game also receiving general praise from fans and critics, later games were less well received.