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They plan to kill Tiberius by placing explosives under his platform. The player can use a variety of weapons and the attack techniques to smash the opposition. The character of the player equipped with a mighty sword and a shield which the player uses to kill hordes of enemies. The Spartan again survives, and retrieves the Spear. The party then proceeds to Rome for revenge.

They assaulted the Roman fortress called the Gates of Saturn, which is the seat of power of Sejanus and his all-powerful Priestesses. He cares only for his city, and will do anything to save Sparta from the invading Romans.

Sejanus A Praetorian prefect, Sejanus is in charge of some of the most fearsome assassins in the Roman army. This cumbersome weapon is powerful, but it lacks agility and defense, making the Spartan vulnerable. The Spartan infiltrates Rome via the sewers and plants a bomb underneath the Roman Colosseum in hopes to assassinate the Emperor Tiberius. It is useful against anyone except heavily-armored enemies.

It's a miracle of technology! It was Ares who ordered the attack on Sparta and used The Spartan as a puppet.

It is most useful against Undead warriors. The game is set on a colorful planet, offering retro-style universe. Crassus, the Roman General leading the assault, has captured and harnessed the power of Medusa. Recruit, Soldier and Veteran which are available from the beginning. With the weapon, Crassus is able to turn entire units of enemies to stone.

They are extremely fast, but lack defense. The Spartan saves Electra and Castor from execution, and makes his way to Tiberius. During the final Roman assault on Sparta, The Spartan repels the attack and locates the secret weapon in an abandoned temple. Enraged, The Spartan attacks Ares. The Roman General in charge of the attacks on Sparta.

One button is used to initiate the single attack, and a different button to initiate the radial attack. Pick up and play at its best!

That's the core that underlies everything. After you get into combat you see there's a lot of depth there, so if there's one grunt coming towards you, you might move back, so he misses, and you can kill him in one blow. There is also an Arena challenge where the player faces never ending waves of enemies.

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Total Warrior is a pretty fun, though derivative, action game that should keep you entertained for at least the six or seven hours it takes you to get through the story. Total Warrior in this trailer.

Most Recent Forum Activity. An epic duel ensues between the two of them. In the game, the player has to command troops to take down enemies while guarding his stage. Electra Electra is princess of the Amazons.

Spartan Total Warrior

Characters The Spartan This nameless Spartan is the main character in the game. The God of War strikes up a deal, in return for The Spartan's assistance, Ares will help repel the Roman invasion and help The Spartan in finding his true identity. This is a weapon that the Spartan picks up in Troy. Total Warrior Review With just a bit more effort, mopvie Spartan could have been great.

They then began to speculate as to who would be a good theoretical opponent for the Romans. Sejanus ambushes the party and informs them that Sparta has fallen and leaves them to fight a Hydra.

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He is a skilled fighter, second only to the Spartan. Being the Roman emperor, Tiberius wants nothing less than world domination.

He is a ruthless and cunning soldier who has strange magical powers. We also wanted fights against smaller numbers and one-on-one fights, and so we needed a very large range of techniques to dispatch enemies. The bow can be combined with both the Power of the Gods and the rage ability to produce powerful individual and radial attacks. Michael de Plater Sophie Blakemore. Medusa Shield An upgraded version of The Spartan's basic sword and shield, the player is able to use his magic to turn enemies to stone.

These two twins are the Spartan's best friends. After encountering and defeating the Minotaur in the sewers beneath Rome, The Spartan reaches the surface. He loves his city and will protect it with his life. When The Spartan reaches the Emperor, Tiberius commits suicide and falls into the arena.

Spartan Total Warrior

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