Switched At Birth Season 2

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The Acquired Inability to Escape. Regina discovers Wes is scamming the people of East Riverside. As Valentine's day approaches, Bay decides to hold an anti-Valentine's party at Angelo's.

User Polls Returning mid-season tv shows? Regina and Angelo have a discussion about business.

Regina runs into an old friend, Zane, while out with Kathryn. Angelo becomes a member of the country club. This tests their relationship when she originally declines to go, but Ty convinces her to go. Tells the story of two teen girls who discover that they were accidentally switched at birth.

Meanwhile, John continues to find ways to pay back Regina for saving his life, and Ty and Bay go camping as Emmett's father gets a cochlear implant. Someone visits the bank to move some money around.

Regina is watched while going to work by a man sitting in his car waiting for her. Regina feels a sense of guilt about her behavior in East Riverside. Daphne finds out that Regina started drinking again. Daphne and Travis quarrel, while Bay and Noah's romance thrives.

She asks him if he can imagine losing the ability to communicate with someone, but Noah passes on the opportunity to tell her that he has Meniere's Disease. Toby prepares for his wedding and both his parents and Nikki's mom contemplate being truthful with him. Jennice and John try to keep their kiss a secret and Regina decides whether or not to tell Kathryn.

Bay learns more about Mary Beth and Ty. John believes he can win by staying away from specific issues before the election, and tells Kathryn to keep quiet about political issues from now on. Bay gets a response from the Pratt Institute.

Switched at Birth (TV Series ) - IMDb

Switched at Birth (TV Series ) - IMDb

Laura has never acted in Switched at Birth, but when Vanessa was asked to bring in photos of herself for the set, unlimited song she brought in photos of both her and her sister. Edit Storyline Tells the story of two teen girls who discover that they were accidentally switched at birth.

However, Sharee and Daphne clash and both end up in detention, making them miss their field hockey game, to Toby's frustration. Bay organizes Deaf Day at the amusement park, and Emmett assists her with a special movie screening. Toby retains his gambling problem.

Toby points out that she does have local family, his sister, Bay, who is also the baby's sister. John must face the reality of his situation. Bay meets some of Ty's soldier friends, including an army medic named Aida. Bay tries being Tank's friend and supports him when he meets his dad for dinner. Meanwhile Daphne's forced to own up to her mistakes regarding her blackmail of Senator Coto.

The two then decide to keep it secret and Regina promises to go back to her classes and get help. Bay decides to put on Deaf Day at Maui to bring in more customers, since the park has been losing business. Life is shaken up once again for the Kennish-Vasquez family when a woman from Angelo's past surfaces, claiming to be pregnant with his baby. The uprising horrifies the parents and puts relationships at risk including Daphne and Bay's. Daphne asks Angelo to move into the guest house with her and Regina.

Daphne also finds out that Regina started drinking again. She meets Teo, a fellow program participant and finds herself on the outs with Natalie, who bullies her because she is hearing. Bay discovers that Emmett is dating again and has conflicting feelings. Daphne opens her food truck for business, but is uncomfortable with decisions John is trying to make for her. As their graduation day approaches, Bay and Daphne learn that Carlton will be closed forever.

The one-hour scripted drama revolves around two teenagers who discover they were switched at birth and grew up in very different environments. Daphne and Bay meet Adriana and find out that Regina has died on their birthday, then angrily confront John. It's really depressing that they take so much time to complete this season but it's really worth the wait. In the second-season opener, a newly wealthy Angelo buys expensive presents for everyone.

Daphne breaks up with Travis. Things come to a dramatic head when both families meet and struggle to learn how to live together for the sake of the girls. List of Switched at Birth characters.

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Bay's confidence in her artistic abilities goes down when her teacher says that her piece on Tank lacks depth. Bay's relationship with Tank suffers because of Mary Beth's disapproval. Daphne's torn between her family and her interest in being with Jace. Bay and Emmett find Angelo's will, which says that he wishes to be unhooked from machines keeping him alive.

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Regina goes to confront Angelo about his new baby but reconsiders when she meets the mother. Daphne tells Bay that Tank has a crush on her. Meanwhile Regina's participation in the East Riverside project brings her to yet another moral crossroad. Bay has second thoughts about attending the prom when dress-code rules are enacted.

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Toby meets Elisa, a volunteer who turns out to be the daughter of the opposing candidate. In an alternative reality dreamt by John during his heart attack, Regina reveals the switch as soon as she learns of it. She gets help from Emmett, which causes problems when Ty sees the two of them together.